【Know-How】Flow chart-printing


    Step1. Artwork

       Upon receiving CAD, 
      check below: 

  • Repeat size 28”~32” 
  • Joint Line
  • Color separation

 Step2. Screen   Engraving 

 Check effect/color/layout and       open  screen

   Step3. Tinting

Setting recipe and trying a color chip trial to check color accuracy:

    Shelf life of dyestuff:
  • Summer time below10days
  • Winter time below1days

       Step4. Printing

  • Check all conditions including 
    screen, ground fabric and pattern
  • Low speed at beginning to make 
  • sure effect and color accuracy then back to normal producing process

Step5. Steaming & Washing  

 Color setting 

   Step6. Setting

Set the repeat size, quality
width/weight and handfeel in the process