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Founded in 1993, CHS Enterprise focuses on Knit fabrics such as fabrics for fashion wear, swimming suits, functional sporting wear and elastic fabrics. As so far CHS has built up markets in Asia, America, EC, etc and thanks to the renown in global markets CHS sees steady growth in sales. In recent years, because in conformity with the fast change and internationalization of the market, CHS expanded to overseas actively and successively set up printing factory in Nanjing and office in Hangzhou, expected to set up another marketing base in U.S.A. in the near future even more, in order to expand the undertaking domain, strengthen the quality of serving, let the operation way be internationalized further.

The CYJ is established in 2003 along textile printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., it is one that there is the most advanced printing equipment in the world, specialize in top-grade textile printing enterprises, meet the customer and market demand with the specialized production technology and sincerity high-quality service.

CHS strives for the best under corporate philosophy: “ Steady Performance, Optimal Quality, Diverse Services, Innovation for edges” in the increasingly fierce competition. As a matter of fact, CHS strives with the tremendous experiences & sophisticated expertise in the field, in down-to-earth attitude in production, through restless efforts in innovation and expanding the markets aggressively, and especially with emphasis on quality of products and service made possible through expertise and commitments. CHS devotes to faster and better supplies and services for customer satisfaction. CHS wins edges through forming alliance with academic researchers and textile experts and focuses on developing multifunction fabrics, upgrading the products and reinforcing niches by reaching out to peripheral sectors and new markets. Further, CHS also actively join major international textile shows and exhibitions to build up CIS and the name and to march into globalization era and to satisfy customers throughout the world rather than merely within America market. Indeed CHS sees and comes to the global markets.


CHS specializes in exportation of fabric, including direct, cooperative, and indirect exports, to the global markets such as USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Australia……, the cooperative firms are quite a few, Victoria’s Secret, Express, Style & Co., Wall-Mart, Jantzen, Liz Claiborne, JCPenney, Target just name a few.


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